Emergency C-section.

The Knick | 1x01 | 

Natalie’s morning dance | Charlie’s Angels (2000) |

Dexter & Debra moments |S01Ep07| pt. 3

Dexter sticking his foot in his mouth.

Backstreet Boys 

Quit playing games (with my heart) 1996 | Show ‘em (what you’re made of) 2013

Dexter & Debra moments |S01Ep07| pt. 2

I saw him, Dex. I chased him.”

Dexter & Debra moments |S01Ep07

"They really found the Ice Truck Killer?"

I did.”

Possessed Vanessa

Possessed Vanessa

Dexter & Debra moments |s01ep06| pt. 4

Dexter’s Dream

Stephen Colbert visits Colorado with Wonderful Pistachios Commercial (X)

Lance doesn’t like to be called a sissy.

Undercover Brother (2002)